Project description

The company was founded by 42 shareholders who acquired shares in a citizen solar company. It operates four “”solar power plants”” with a total output of 188 kilowatts peak – two in Elmshorn and one each in Schenefeld and Holm. One company is the Bürgersolar community of Holm, the towns of Elmshorn and Schenefeld GbR. The balance is impressive: The four plants have so far produced 1.65 million kilowatt hours of electricity, which has been fed into the public distribution network. This has saved 1,450 tons of carbon dioxide, and the amount of energy forecast before commissioning was exceeded by ten percent in the decade. The shareholders together invested 726,000 euros. They could subscribe shares between 1000 and 12,500 euros.

Project type

  • Renewable electricity


  • Solar PV system

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Lohstraße 11, 25421 Pinneberg, Germany


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