Project description

In 2015, the six individual citizen wind farms of the Reußenköge were merged into a single wind farm, which provided the basis for repowering on this scale and with this efficiency of land use. The world’s largest citizen wind farm was built on the basis of the total output, as almost all inhabitants of the Reußenköge are involved. In recent years, 51 V112 of the 3 MW class have already been connected to the grid as part of repowering measures, which together have a rated output of approx. 175 MW. The current annual yield of 86 wind turbines, amounting to approximately 700 million kilowatt hours, could supply a city of 500,000 inhabitants (150,000 households).

Project type

  • Renewable electricity


  • Wind turbines

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Sönke-Nissen-Koog 58, 25821 Reußenköge, Germany


54.6491554, 8.838953700000047