Project description

The municipality of Klixbül purchased an electric leasing car that residents and tourists can rent on an hourly or daily basis: the Dörpsmobil (Dörp = village). The vehicle is charged with electricity from the municipality’s own wind farm. The municipality installed a differentiated charging capacity system for this purpose: 9 charging columns with different charging capacities between 3.7 and 22 kilowatts depending on the expected demand are located in the municipal area. The two e-cars can be reserved via an online portal.

Project type

  • Energy efficiency or energy saving (renovation of buildings etc.)


  • Electric vehicle charging station
  • Wind turbines
  • E-car sharing

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Broder-Christiansen-Weg 22, 25899 Klixbüll, Germany


54.79485, 8.907550000000015