Project description

House owner association implemented deep retrofit of the 42 flat apartment building and installed heat pump system for energy generation. House was put into operation in 1973, there are 42 apartments with total useful area 2656 m2. After the deep retrofit of the building energy consumption in the building is decreased by 52%. Near the building there were made nine bores in the ground and each has a depth of 100 m. The COP of the heat pump system at a borehole temperature of 0 °C and a water temperature of 35 °C is 4.35. It is one of the first large scale systems in Latvia, where heat pump system is used for providing energy for multi-apartment building.

Project type

  • Renewable heat source
  • Energy efficiency or energy saving, click here to discover (renovation of buildings etc.)
  • New technology piloting


  • Heat pump for heating and/or cooling

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Stacijas street 28, Sigulda, Latvia


57.152254, 24.850114