Project description

In Ostrobothnia, in a small village called Jepua, 440 villagers own the smallest independent energy company called Jeppo Kraft Andelslag, which is the main owner of Jeppo Biogas Ab, which produces biogas for heat and vehicle fuel purposes. As a business partner, they have Oy Snellman Ab (a company in food industry), which both provides side stream to be used in the production of biogas as well as consumes the energy produced. There is a biogas symbiosis in Jepua village, which profits from the feed from local potato peel waste from the potato factory, sludge from five big piggeries of the area as well as other bio-based material delivered to the site, such as straw, slaughter waste and fur waste. The company is also in the business of recycling of nutrients.

Project type

  • Renewable heat source
  • Renewable vehicle fuel source,
  • EKO-certified fertilizers


  • Biogas reactor
  • District heating network
  • Heat pump for heating and/or cooling
  • Micro-grid

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Jepua, Finland


63.406068, 22.650636