The community energy (CE) database is a joint storage place of ongoing and finished CE projects. This database gives a broader view on current situation of CE projects implementation in the BSR and serves as comprehensive knowledge base for the established RENCOPs and stakeholders, facilitating the transfer of good experience among the partner regions.

Information about the CE projects is based on special questionnairies elaborated by project partners and filled in by various legal persons, communities and other CE project owners and developers. Part of information was gathered by project partners from publicly available sources.

We expect this database will facilitate the development of new ideas for CE projects throughout the BSR.

What is community energy?

Community energy (CE) projects offer enhanced production of renewable energies (RE) from local sources (wind, solar, biomass, hydropower, geothermal) through active participation of local communities. Together, citizens co-finance, co-develop, and co-operate RE plants, and foster sustainable energy distribution, like local heating networks or biogas filling stations. Through active communication, transparent decision-making, and local benefit sharing CE projects have high social acceptance. Consequently, fostering CE projects is highly promising for increasing the share of RE in the BSR.

Below: Map of Co2mmunity Project Partners