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General Information about the Lithuanian International Nuclear Safety Center Web Site

The Lithuanian International Nuclear Safety Center Web Site is one of several Web Sites dedicated to the open distribution of information related to international nuclear safety. The Web Site was established at the Lithuanian Energy Institute in Kaunas, Lithuania, which has a long standing tradition in the enhancement of the safety of nuclear facilities in Lithuania. The information available from this Web Site is linked to corresponding and additional information on the other INSC Web Sites, which are currently located in the USA at Argonne National Laboratory (US INSC) and at the Russian International Nuclear Safety Center in Moscow.

The Lithuanian Web Site was established in April 1998, and provides access to information about Lithuanian reactors, especially the Ignalina Power Plant, which operates it's own Web Site with general information on the Ignalina nuclear power plant.

The Web Site provides access to materials previously developed in international collaborative projects such as the Ignalina Source Book, the Ignalina Handbook, and other similar materials. The results from future international joint research on nuclear safety will be provided through this Web Site as well, if applicable.