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Laboratory of Heat Equipment Research and Testing (12)


Laboratory Chief

Dr. Nerijus Pedišius

Breslaujos 3, LT-44403 Kaunas

Phone +370 (37) 40 18 63


Laboratory of Heat-equipment Research and Testing

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Scope of research

Processes and technologies for the efficient use of R.E.S. and reduction of environmental pollution

  • physical and thermal properties of solid biomass and recovered fuel;
  • fuel preparation methods and technologies;
  • thermal conversion processes (combustion, gasification) of solid fuel;
  • solid biofuel drying;
  • solid biofuel dynamics and thermal conversion on moving grate and in fluidized bed;
  • emission formation processes in heating appliances;
  • efficiency of low capacity boilers and heating appliances fired by solid fuel.

Thermal physics, fluid mechanics and metrology

  • flows mixing in chambers of limited dimensions and various geometry;
  • permeability of gas mixtures through membranes;
  • particulate emission reduction;
  • flow dynamics in elastic channels;
  • ultrasound propagation in flows;
  • heat and mass transfer by molecular dynamics;
  • maintenance of five national flow and pressure standards and assurance of measurement traceability

Tools and capabilities for scientific R&D

Set of modern experimental facilities and measuring instruments for investigation of:

  • efficiency of small (up to 500 kW) space heating appliances fired by solid biofuel;
  • reducing gaseous and particulate matter emission by implementation of precipitation devices;
  • composition of biomass and various solid fuels as well as their physico-chemical properties;
  • liquid and gas flow dynamics in channels and chambers at the various inlet and boundary conditions, flow regime and its instability, physical properties variation;
  • inner flow structure of separated flow or flow in cavities situated in microchannel walls by using particle image velocimetry methods and macro/microPIV systems for flow visualization;
  • permeability of membranes and its use for separation of disadvantageous components from gas mixture.

CFD aplication for numerical simulation of:

  • flow dynamics analysis using software package ANSYS® Fluent®;
  • mixing of combustibles species and oxygen to enhance combustion process in furnace;
  • multi-physics numerical investigation using software package COMSOL Multiphysics®;
  • Coupled CFD-Discrete Element Method numerical research using homemade software package Bed_Motion, software package XDEM and Open Source package OpenFOAM®.
  • Molecular Dynamics investigations using software package LAMMPS®.

Our expertise for implementation of innovative projects and services

  • assurance of traceability of liquid, gas and heat supply and consumption measurement on national and international levels;
  • conformity assessment of measuring instruments and heat appliances before placing on the market or entry into service, or being in service;
  • fluid dynamics under the influence of flow disturbances and flow regimes;
  • numerical analysis and numerical methods applied in multi-physics problems;
  • particles system (granular mater) dynamics;
  • molecular dynamics in heat and mass transfer problems.

Accredited & notified services

Scope as Designated institute (DI) for maintenance of national standards for:[1]:
◦ air (gas) speed;
◦ air (gas) volume and flow rate;
◦ water volume and flow rate;
◦ liquid (other than water) volume and flow rate;
◦ pressure.
Accredited against LST EN ISO/IEC 17025 for:[2]:
◦ calibration of measuring instrument for gas and liquid volume and flow rate, pressure, temperature and air humidity;
◦ testing water and heat meters, heating appliances, solid biofuel and recovered fuel.
Accredited against EN ISO/IEC 17020 for[3]:
◦ verification of measuring instrument for gas and liquid volume and flow rate, pressure, temperature and air humidity;
◦ conformity assessment of heating appliances and boilers fired by solid and gaseous fuels.
Notified (Id. No. 1621) for conformity assessment of:[4]:
◦ water and heat meters (B, F and D modules) and measuring systems of liquids (other than water) (F module) against European Parliament and Council Directive 2014/32/EU;
◦ room heating appliances fired by solid fuel against European Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011.
[1] Note. Measurand range and calibration and measurement capabilities are available on BIPM website:
[2], [3] Note. Scope of accreditation is available on Lithuanian National Accreditation Bureau (LA) website:
[4] Note. Scope of notification is available on NANDO website:


Accreditation and certificates granted to the Laboratory of heat equipment research and testing:

Laboratory of Heat-Equipment Research and Testing complies with the requirements of LST EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 and is accredited to perform:

  • tests of heating boilers, appliances burning gaseous fuels, solid biofuel, solid recovered fuel, water and thermal energy meters;
  • assessment and verification of performance of space heating appliances burning solid fuel according to requirements of Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

Laboratory of Heat-Equipment Research and Testing complies with the requirements of LST EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 and is accredited to perform the calibration of measuring instruments for liquids and gas flow, thermal energy, pressure, air humidity and temperature, capacity measures as well as water and gas flow standard facilities.

Laboratory of Heat-Equipment Research and Testing complies with the requirements of LST EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 and is accredited as the A type inspection body to:

  • perform inspection of cooking appliances burning gas, liquids, gas and thermal energy meters, gas volume conversion devices, air velocity, moisture, pressure, temperature measuring instruments;
  • carry out conformity assessment procedures for water, thermal energy meters and measuring systems for liquids other than water, according to Directive 2014/32/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council with amendments made by Commission delegated Directive (EU) 2015/13, which was adopted by the Order of Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania No. 4-699 „On Technical Regulation of Measuring instruments“ of 30/10/2015.

Institution which issued the documents:
Lithuanian National Accreditation Bureau

Membership in international organizations

EURAMET – European Association of National Metrology Institutes
COOMET – Euro-Asian Cooperation of National Metrological Institutions
NoBoMet – European Platform of Notified working in Legal Metrology

Laboratory partners and customers

Customers – all economic and research entities, the activities of which require accredited (or additionally notified) calibration, testing and conformity assessment services defined under legal acts.

Partners – Research institutions:

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences;
Kaunas University of Technology;
Center for Physical Sciences and Technology;
Nicolaus Copernicus University;
University of Luxembourg;
University of Twente;
The Szewalski Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery Polish Academy of Sciences.

Partners – Companies:
partners and clients

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