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Laboratory of Nuclear Installation Safety (17)
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Scientific Divisions / Laboratory of Nuclear Installation Safety (17)

Laboratory of nuclear installation safety (17)

Raimondas Pabarčius

Laboratory Chief

Dr. Raimondas Pabarčius

Breslaujos 3, LT-44403 Kaunas

Phone +370 (37) 401 903


Laboratory of Nuclear Installation Safety


  • safety assessment of nuclear power plants;
  • safety analysis of thermonuclear fusion reactors;
  • analysis of new generation nuclear power plants;
  • analysis of thermal-hydraulic accident and transient processes;
  • assessment of change of thermal-hydraulic parameters in NPPs containments and other premises;
  • simulation of transport of radionuclides and aerosols in premises;
  • analysis of reactivity initiated accident processes of nuclear reactor and justification of reactor core modifications;
  • safety assessment of decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear installations;
  • level 1 and level 2 probabilistic safety assessment of NPPs;
  • reliability estimation and control of energy systems;
  • strength analysis of structures, piping and other components in complex technical systems;
  • failure analysis and engineering assessment for complex technical systems;
  • risk and hazard assessment of industrial objects;
  • assessment of security of energy supply;
  • probabilistic modeling and analysis of unusual events;
  • analysis of sensitivity and uncertainty of modeling results;
  • modeling of processes in hydraulic networks (heat/water supply, etc.) and assessment of heat supply reliability;
  • fundamental research in thermal physics.
Together with domestic and foreign entities, the staff of the Laboratory are involved in the implementation of various projects: state subsidy funded scientific research projects; projects funded by the national research programme Energy for the Future; a long-term institutional research and experimental development program; international projects under the EU 6th, 7th Framework Programmes, Horizon 2020 and other projects; as well as other projects according to the orders of Lithuanian enterprises. The staff of the Laboratory participates in various events related to nuclear energy, presents papers at major international conferences on safe operation of nuclear power plants and decommissioning issues, safety of fusion facilities and physical phenomena occurring in them. Researchers actively participate in various international and Lithuanian training programs, IAEA seminars, committee meetings and coordination meetings, activity of FUSION development committees and other organizations and scientific associations.
    Nuclear and thermonuclear energy:
    • neutronic dynamic processes analysis;
    • analysis of thermal-hydraulic, operational transients and accident processes in reactor cooling circuits and NPPs containments;
    • analysis of severe accidents in nuclear installations;
    • analysis of radionuclides’ transfer and spread;
    • probabilistic safety analysis of nuclear installations;
    • technologies for nuclear facilities decommissioning.
    Other energy facilities and future technologies:
    • one/two phase flow research;
    • application of computer flow dynamics software (CFD) packages;
    • investigations of thermal-hydraulic processes in pipeline networks.
    Technology risk and energy security:
    • reliability of energy supply, security of energy infrastructures, extreme events;
    • technology risks;
    • structural mechanics research.
R&D classification
  • Risk and safety management
  • Flow simulation and thermal calculations
R&D services
  • Thermal-hydraulic analysis of design basis and beyond design basis accidents in nuclear / thermal power plants and other devices and systems.
  • Failure processes modelling in structures/pipelines and strength analysis under static and dynamic loads.
  • Analysis of statistical data, investigation and optimization of energy processes. Probabilistic risk/safety analysis, assessment of likelihood of various events.
  • Evaluation of nuclear reactors physic problems using deterministic and Monte Carlo methods.
  • Reliability evaluation and safety analysis of complex and potentially dangerous objects.
  • Development, verification, validation of simulation models and analytical study of complex energetics and other systems.
  • Studies of distributional pipeline systems (district heating network, hot/cold water).
  • Risk monitoring in energy sector. Planning of operational control duration.
  • Simulation of three-dimensional computational hydrodynamics (CFD) problems using the finite element and volume methods. Raman scattering spectra registration in the gas and liquid flow.
  • ETSON (European Technical Support Organisation Network)
  • NUGENIA (NUclear GENeration II & III Association)
  • ESReDA (European Safety, Reliability & Data Association)
  • FUSENET (European Fusion Education Network)
  • SNETP (Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform)

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