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Laboratory of Materials Research and Testing (16)
Laboratory of Nuclear Installation Safety (17)
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Laboratory of Energy Systems Research (31)
Laboratory of Hydrology (33)

Scientific Divisions / Laboratory of Energy Systems Research (31)

Laboratory of Energy Systems Research (31)

Laboratory Chief

Dr. Arvydas Galinis

Breslaujos 3, LT-44403 Kaunas

Phone +370 (37) 40 19 57


Laboratory of energy systems research


  • analysis of macroeconomic development scenarios, modelling and forecasting of energy demand;
  • analysis of medium- and long-term energy supply scenarios using widely approved optimization models;
  • evaluation of environmental impact of the energy sector, analysis of pollution reduction technologies and implementation of environment protection policies;
  • energy management and marketing research;
  • research of efficiency of support means for renewable energy sources;
  • generalization of the energy sector restructuring and liberalization experience in the European Union and Central and East European countries and its application implementation of reforms in the Lithuanian energy sector;
  • consultancies in application of energy sector reforms in accession and other European countries on behalf of the experience gained throughout the Lithuanian practice;
  • development of energy information system, collection of statistical data on the energy sector development in Lithuania and worldwide.

The core value provided by the Laboratory of energy system research is solving scientific and practical problems performing modeling and evaluation of development of energy sector, different regulatory regimes, and the environmental impact of development of energy sector and its politics. For many years, The Laboratory is a forestanding actor in preparation of the Project of National Energy Strategy. Researchers of the Laboratory are preparing development strategies for Lithuanian energy companies as well. High level qualification of the staff of the Laboratory is highly appreciable and proven in numerous important international and national level projects. The Laboratory of Energy Systems Research was established in 1948. Almost 70 years of research activity demonstrates ability to provide continuously high quality scientific results. Moreover, many of research results were successfully applied in practice solving important problems on both national and international levels

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