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Fusion energy
is released when nuclei of light elements fuse together. The energy of the Sun and the stars is created by fusion in their interiors. The goal of fusion research is to build fusion reactors for energy production on Earth. If we succeed we master an inexhaustible energy source with little environmental impact.
The European Fusion Development Agreement (EFDA) is an agreement between European fusion research institutions and the European Commission to strengthen their coordination and collaboration, and to participate in collective activities. Its activities include fusion technology research and development, the exploitation of the world's largest fusion experiment, the Joint European Torus (JET) in the UK, and contributions to international collaborations such as the ITER-project.
LEI participates in the European coordinated programme for fusion research in close collaboration with other European and international research groups.
LEI teaches university students and educates researchers in plasma and fusion physics. 


In order to proceed in fusion research Europe, USA, Japan, India, Russia, China and South Korea collaborate on a new major fusion experiment called ITER (International Tokamak Experimental Reactor). It will take about 10 years to build ITER, which is designed to produce a fusion power of 500 MWatt.
ITER is a joint international research and development project that aims to demonstrate the scientific and technical feasibility of fusion power.


FUSION Programme
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